Ground Mount

Though the tide of public opinion, and to an extent legislative support, is running slightly against the ground-mounting of solar installations at the moment, there is still a persuasive argument in favour of the right sites. Both financially and in terms of development ease, ground-mount systems can offer significant returns.

With even a moderately sized plot of land, a landowner can still reap significant financial benefits by having a solar farm installed. In the past, returns have varied depending on the Solar Feed-in Tariff scheme available at the time of completion, but PikeSolar can now provide up-front payments and highly competitive rates on large-scale solar power farms across the UK, using Renewable Obligation Certificates and CFD applications.

Circumstances vary from region to region and from property to property, of course. However, if you are interested in owning and running a solar farm, PikeSolar has experience in managing the tender process for a wide variety of large-scale solar power projects. Among these are rural solar farms that could have fallen through when the FIT was changed.

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