New Product Development

Our commitment to renewable energy and the environment generally has seen PikeSolar involved in a number of projects aimed at improving the way we treat our world.

Right now, in the U.S., we are helping an inventor to deliver his patented system for turning old tyres and plastics into long-life, cement-free roof tiles, kerb and flag stones and other high volume items. Interest in the process is growing rapidly around the world, and our hope is that, by the time it is the success we know it can be, we will have contributed to both reducing waste land-fill and the environmentally damaging manufacturing processes currently used to produce these globally important items.

Other socially and environmentally sustainable projects that have drawn us into their management teams have been a solar-powered, pre-configured, quick-build shelters for victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters, and a water purification plant capable of taking the badly contaminated water and making it drinkable with half a day. Again, our input has been into the powering of these units through our solar expertise.

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