The world of renewables can be confusing. Tariffs and incentives are reviewed regularly. Planning laws change and interpretation can vary from district to district. Funding opportunities seem to disappear as quickly as they appear. So making the right decision with any confidence on renewable energy investments becomes harder and harder.

Which is why the PikeSolar consultancy appeals to so many land and property owners. We have no other raison d’être than that of helping you make sense of ‘the possible’.

In the past months we have sat down with people who were convinced they needed wind power, and showed them solar was correct choice. We have sat with others who ‘knew’ solar heating was for them, and left them with a clear, mutual understanding that biomass was the way forward. And for all of them we have been able to bring advice and practical assistance to the all-important areas of planning and funding.

Alongside this work, we find ourselves assessing would-be developers and funding organisations, keen to offer their help to owners looking for possible external development and financial inputs further down the line. Again, we are happy to offer advice and introductions that make sense within the overall structure of a project.


PikeSolar has a long-established sister company, RPA, that has operated for some 40 years in the world of local authorities and their planning departments. It is this background and practical experience that allows us to look at any proposed project and know immediately and instinctively what might and might not ‘work’ at local planning levels.

Where required, RPA can take your planning applications forward: drafting them, consulting with Planning Officers ahead of formal application, managing their progress through a process of continuous engagement with planners and owners, dealing with objections where presented, right through to successful award and on to approved development.

Funding (and Development)

Even with planning process successfully handled for them, not every owner wants to get involved in the nitty-gritty of funding their development.

For many, the rewards of ground or roof rental and the bonus of free electricity for their establishments is as far as they wish to get involved. And it is here that, over the years, PikeSolar has formed good working relationships with financial institutions that rely on our expertise and experience to match the right project funding to the right project owner. Supplying finance for renewable energy projects is a complex business, and we are fortunate to have an expert panel of potential lenders in place to meet most needs, should finance be wanted by a site owner. In these cases, PikeSolar is often able to ‘marry’ the right finance to the right developer to ensure all works are carried out, under PikeSolar planning management on your behalf, to a successful conclusion.

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