Social Housing

The very specific needs of Housing Associations and Local Authorities can make renewable energy a priority requirement – though funding remains, as ever, a very difficult proposition within their own organisations. In this sector PikeSolar uses its skills to aggregate roof spaces within a housing development or urban area, to deliver a carefully planned and fully funded approach to on-roof installations and the associated benefits. Benefits to both housing providers and tenants.

With a panel of specialist funders looking for precisely these sorts of opportunity, PikeSolar can help the housing organisation prepare and fully cost a plan for development. With this approved and in place, we help select a suitable developer team and manage the process of tenant communication in respect of planning, installation and final operation.

In an environment in which legislative issues, financial constraints and tenant care are all important, Pike Solar brings a reassuringly certain touch to all the key components. Delivering turn-key solutions that work for every party involved.

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